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The Stand Up Colorado helpline is Colorado’s first statewide relationship violence helpline that answers your questions, provides support, and connects you to appropriate resources across the state, whether you are using, experiencing, or witnessing abuse.


Help Someone

Do you think someone you know might be using or experiencing abuse in their relationship? Find out what you can do to support them in finding the help they need.

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Stop Using Violence

Are you using abusive behaviors in your relationship? It is OK to ask for help. Find information and resources that can help you change those behaviors and support your ability to have healthier relationships.

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Experiencing Relationship Violence

Are you experiencing relationship violence? It’s never OK for someone to hurt or control you. Find information and resources that can help you understand what is happening and the options available to you.

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Legal Help

It can be difficult to understand the intricacies of the law when it comes to relationship violence. Find the information you need about protection orders, divorce, child custody, and support.

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